Facebook Emoticons and Smilyes

Facebook now supports to Facebook Emoticons and Smileys in Facebook Chat after its introduction in 2008. Here we have got complete List of Facebook Emoticon Codes for FREE. Use it when chatting in Facebook with your friends, show your emotions with Facebook Emoticons now!

Facebook introduced Facebook Chat in late 2008 and its millions users started using it. The Wall and Inbox have been the primary ways to communicate but when you need to communicate immediately, it doesn’t help. Facebook Chat fills this gap.Facebook Emoticons is another way to express your feelings in chat. There are lots of hidden emoticons you can use.

Facebook Emoticons and Smileys for Facebook Chat

Smiley Face Emoticon

Here is a complete list of all available facebook emoticons codes and facebook smileys. Facebook has kept its Chat software very basic and clean. You can’t simply insert all types of emoticons into facebook chat as you can do with other chatting programme like Skype or MSN. Facebook has all the general symbols that are being used since years like the smiling face or winking face. Additionally there are some interesting emoticons like penguin and shark.These emoticons are hidden and you need special codes to get them.

How to make Facebook Faces on Facebook Chat?

You can create various faces on facebook chat by typing special codes. Facebook faces includes smiling faces, sad faces, winks and many more. Facebook is continuously adding new emoticons so its always good to test your own combination of symbols for making facebook chat faces.[Update – Facebook chat now supports meme faces]

Facebook Symbols

While you could make use of emoticons to improve your experience of chat, you cannot do this on posts on the wall. Instead of traditional emoticons, here people use facebook symbols. These are Unicode encoded special text characters that people use to decorate their status, comments and messages. We have collected some special facebook symbols that you can copy and paste on facebook. This list includes cool facebook symbols.

Facebook Icons

Are you fancy of facebook icons? Here you will find various facebook icons you can use on your website or blog. Also, we have got facebook icons collection that you can use on your status message or on fb chat.

Facebook ASCII art and music notes

Facebook text art is creation of pictures and music notes from text. These text pictures are made with standard keyboard symbols and basic ASCII computer symbols and characters. And they are specially designed for facebook and Myspace. Here is a huge collection of facebook text art.

How to add Emoticons to Facebook chat

Watch this Video on how to add Emoticons to Facebook Chat

This image shows all emoticons with their corresponding codes.

facebook chat emoticons codes

facebook chat emoticons