5 Cool Facebook Status Tips and Tricks

Social networking sites continue to evolve from simply being just a place to socialize and meet different people; it has now become a fashion statement, a place to play and celebrate, a business advertisement, an online marketing tool and many other things. Help yourself with the following Facebook status tips and trics to personalize your wall. This can be very helpful if you are new to Facebook and if you have been there for awhile let this serve as a refresher course for you.

Useful Facebook Status Tips and Tricks

– You are now so familiar with Facebook’s “Like” button, but what about if you want to have some fun and create a little variation to your status and want a “Dislike ” button? To do this simply go to the Status Magic application of Facebook then click and add a “Dislike” button. You can actually edit it to say something like “Hate” “Disagree” or “Love”. A new Facebook status tips and trics that will surely keep your friends glued to you posts.

– People today are so busy and have a tendency to forget things such as a friend’s birthday, anniversaries and parties. To help you manage your schedule and make sure important posts are sent just in time, use Facebook’s Later Bro service. Here you can write in advance the things you would like to post for special people and special events. Facebook Later Bro will keep a calendar of everything and will make sure that messages are sent just in time.

– How would you like your status update to appear upside down? That is a sure fun way to surprise your friends with your new Facebook status tips and trics. Look for the websites: TypeUpsideDown.com and UpsideDownText.com and flip your messages!

– Another cool craze you can play around Facebook is to download your own Photo album. The tricky part is that they are not only your own photos, but pictures, albums, events of your friends on Facebook. Just click FacePAD, Facebook Photo Album Downloader and you are on your way to cracking your friend’s photo albums.

– Facebook is a place where you can look for old friends, build new ones and yes make enemies as well. And a Facebook status tips and trics you can use to secretly peek at who has recently deleted you as a friend just go to: www.findxfriends.com.

– How to Tag People in Your Status Update

To mention someone in a status update just type “@” in the status bar and start typing their name as it appears on Facebook. An auto-generated list will then come up with people in your social circle whose name starts with the letters you’ve typed. Hit the name you want, complete the update, click share and the name will become a hyperlink (you won’t see the @ symbol) and will appear in blue text.

– How to add emoticons to facebook status

Although you can emoticons to facebook chat, you can’t simply add smiley faces to facebook status. If you type 🙂 in to status, it will not turn into blue smiley face. The trick is, if you want to add smiley faces to facebook status, use facebook symbols. These are Unicode characters and you can type them by using ALT and number keys.

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