A Complete List of Facebook Chat Emoticons

You might have used chat emoticons in yahoo messenger and in some more messengers. Have you used the same in Facebook while you chat? I used some of them which I was frequently using in Yahoo messenger. The one which I used mostly was >:-) and it showed a devil to the other person on chat.

This may sound interesting, but most of the people using any kind of messengers or any social networking site, make the use of the Facebook smiley emoticon the most i.e. the one which is coded as : ). In fact this thing also applies to me. Whenever I find that there’s a dire need to make the situation light for both sides, then one or two smileys always work. Facebook too is not an exception. You can use this one in Facebook also. In fact, I have even used it in facebook while sending something to my boss. With them you can’t send a devil or a lol smiley.

But when I am with my friend or relatives, I am free to use anything I want, whichever fits the situation. In fact, as far as I remember, I have used almost all the facebook emoticons available.

I thought I will give a try for same emoticon in Facebook chat but unfortunately it supplied with the same boring text. I wondered I should deliver this world with a complete list of Facebook chat emoticons which will easily work on Facebook chat.

Here is what I am providing you. This is a complete list of Facebook emoticons which will work for you while you chat. I used safari with some scripts to deliver all of the emoticons which will add stars to your interaction.. Enjoy!!

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