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Facebook Group Chat

Facebook group chat is a handy feature specially when you want to chat with other members of group. If you have family members or group of friends, you all can chat in a group. This is one of the most requested features. Until now you have been able to chat with one person at a […]

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How To Do – Underline, Italics, Bold on Facebook

Do you want to do some text decoration on facebook? Read this guide on how to do bold text, underline or italics on facebook. Mind you, this only works in facebook chat. On facebook status updates, you can’t do bold or italics or underline. Italics for Facebook Unfortunately you can’t do italics on facebook. Facebook […]

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How to Retrive Facebook Chat History

For some people, especially teens, chat is everything. Many people prefer chat as their way of communicating with other people when they are online. This is the fastest and simplest way of talking with other people who are online. Facebook now offers chat feature in the site so people don’t have to use other site […]

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