Etiquettes While Chatting on Facebook

It’s no wonder that Facebook has been making a reputation for itself and gaining popularity over the recent years. More and more people has been abandoning their old social networking sites and making new accounts in Facebook. This is because a lot of their friends and colleague have been there – it’s easy to build your list of friends from a site that you have a lot of friends already rather than convincing your other friends to join yours. Facebook has definitely changed the way people approach the chat application.

To some people, it’s just nonsense to chat with someone they don’t know like what happen mostly over other chat applications. You cannot be sure that you are chatting with a good person. Chatting, though you are not face to face personally, should also make you vigilant about people who are using the Internet for their own personal motives and advantages. And you, as a good citizen should be watchful and careful about these people and practice etiquette when chatting on Facebook.

Just because you are chatting online doesn’t mean you have to forget your manners and your attitude. You have to remember that even if you are chatting, you are talking with people and not animals, and thus you have to give the proper respect that people deserve. This is applicable on Facebook chat too since almost all your friends on Facebook are your real friends and real contacts as well.

The etiquettes while chatting on facebook:

  • When you are not in the mood, do not chat. There are those times that you don’t like to chat and talk even to your friends. So when someone says hello to you, just ignore the message rather than chat with that person and end up losing your temper. [or use facebook emoticons to express your emoticons]
  • Always ask permission before you with chat someone. When you see one of your friends online, do not just drop down all your thoughts and inquiries but rather ask permission first to see if you can talk with him/her. Your friend might not be online because she/he wants to write a message or update her/his status. They might be there only to check a few important messages and will be off to to work or cook dinner or take care of their children.
  • Be consistent. When you are chatting with a friend or a relative, make sure that you readily reply to his/her question and do not let her/him wait for 20 minutes. If something important came up, make sure that you let your friend knows so that he/she might not left waiting for your response.
  • Do not abruptly end the chat session. Would you hang up the phone without saying goodbye? Of course you won’t. The same etiquette should be applied to Facebook chat. If you want to end the conversation because of other important matters, tell your friend what is happening. Do not just hang up on them without giving them proper knowledge on what is going on.