Facebook Emoticons Code v1

Here is the list of Facebook Emoticons Code (FB Emoticons Original Version):

Emoticons are a vital part of communication on the internet. It is difficult to imagine online conversations without them. Facebook emoticons are now the convention and norm instead of exemption when it comes to online communication. There is a proliferation of icons for free on the Web for this reason. Or else, how would you put in humor in your chat without a smileys face, express disagreement minus a frown or show anger without the symbol of rage?

Emoticons for Facebook have been integrated easily in the Internet glossary as most of the users of this popular site for social networking cannot do without them in fore grounding emotional matter of their messages and also for making their intentions clear. Facebook chat emoticons allow users to send messages complete with words, sentiments and feelings.

Let us talk about more specific examples of how Facebook symbols enliven chat experiences.

How to add Facebook emoticons to face book chat

Facebook chat support facebook emoticons. These are little icons which can be produced by typing shortcut code into facebook chat. These are hidden characters which can only be seen when you type the special code. At the moment facebook support only 26 emoticons and smiley faces. Facebook has openly said that they will add more emoticons and its always worth to try your own combination to check for more emoticons.

Here is a step by step guide about how to add fb emoticons to facebook chat.

1. Log in to your facebook account and go to facebook chat window which is present at the bottom right corner. Click on the friend list and select the friend who is online and start chat.

2. Write your message on the chat that will go well with an emoticon. Wherever you want to express your emotions you can add emoticons. Be it happiness, anger, sadness or shock, there is always an emoticon available to express your emotions.

3. When you add emoticons at the end of sentence, always insert two spaces after the period. Also enter two spaces following the smiley face before beginning the next sentence.

4. If you want to insert ‘nose’ to face, you can do that by inserting a ‘dash’ between the eyes and the mouth.

Here is a complete list of all Facebook Emoticon Codes

Update – Facebook added new emoticon to facebook chat. To get ‘Like Button’ on facebook chat, type (y) and to get 42 emoticons type :42:

Show your emotion in the Facebook Chatspace with Emoticons to your friends!

Smile/Happy 🙂 🙂 :] =)
Frown/Sad 🙁 🙁 :[ =(
Tongue 😛 😛 :-p :p =P
Grin 😀 😀 =D
Gasp :-O :O 😮 😮
Wink 😉 😉
Grumpy >:-( >:(
Unsure :-/ :/ :- :
Cry :'(
Kiss :-* :*
Kiki ^_^
Squint -_-
Confuse o.O O.o
Upset >-:O >:O >-:o >:o
Pacman :v
Cute Cat Like/Curly Lips
Cute Cat Like :3
Blue Glasses
Glasses 😎 8) B-) B)
Black Glasses
Sunglasses 8-| 8| B-| B|
Angel O:-) O:)
Devil 3:-) 3:)
Heart <3
Robot :|]
Chris Putnam
Chris Putnam :putnam:
Shark (^^^)
Penguin <(“)
facebook like button emoticon
Like Button (y)
facebook 42 emoticon
42 emoticon :42:

This Facebook Chat Emoticons can be used in the Facebook Chatspace, simply type in the shortcut/code, once the message been sent it will automatically change the shortcut/code into emoticon(s).

Example: Press “Enter” when you type (^^^) in the Facebook Chatspace. You will see (^^^) shortcut/code change to Shark.

Facebook Chat Emoticons Step 1

Facebook Emoticons Step 1

Facebook Chat Emoticons Step 2

Facebook Emoticons Step 2

Watch this Video to learn how to add emoticons for facebook

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you add these emoticons on messages or status updates?

No. You can’t use emoticons or smiley faces on facebook status updates or messages or even on wall. Facebook is of the opinion that embedding icons in the posts on the wall will dampen user experience. It will also make the website look messy. Instead of using chat emoticons, you can use facebook smileys and ‘facebook symbols’. These are Unicode text characters and when used on wall, they don’t turn into pictures [as it happens in facebook chat].

2. Are there only 26 emoticons available that you can use on facebook chat?

Yes. At the moment, only 26 emoticons has been discovered that you can use on chat. Facebook has stated that they are adding more emoticons. Here is what facebook said on their chat help section – “Because we are continuing to add more emoticons to Facebook, please also feel free to test out your own combinations.”

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