Facebook Kiss Emoticons

Online chatting has closed the distance between people throughout the years. It has also been a medium of communication between people who have common interests to discuss and just to get to know each other in general. Facebook has been developing chat emoticons so that this online chatting can be even more enjoyed. Facebook has developed symbols and emoticons such as Smiley Faces, Sad faces and funny random reactions that are guaranteed to directly convey whatever you wish to express. Other great amusing emoticons exclusive to Facebook are the Putnam, Robot and Shark emoticons which are cool chat message features guaranteed to make chatting more enjoyable.

But there is one that is just as sweet as the smiley faces if not sweeter and cuter than the penguin emoticon and that is the Facebook Kiss emoticon. Can’t kiss a loved one personally because of the distance or just because one of you has a cold? You can still express your love by using the Kiss emoticon for online chatting. It’s cute, adorable and sweet and it’s guaranteed to make any recipient swoon.

The kiss emoticon can be used with the following symbols

facebook kiss emoticon :* (colon, asterisk) or :-* (colon, dash and asterisk)

Just type in these symbols on the compose message space on the chat box, press Enter key and once the symbols are sent and process, it will appear as a Kiss emoticon. This is one of the Facebook emoticons that would make any recipient happy.

A lot of people are grateful for the chat feature and pretty much most of this internet user generation has come upon online chatting and have found it useful in one way or another. Facebook emoticons have been developed to make online chatting more enjoyable and this has created a good deal of satisfaction amongst users so many are anticipating what the next emoticons under development are.

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