Facebook Penguin Emoticon

The Facebook chat feature has launched a whole bunch of emoticons users can accompany their message with or replace the actual word with and among these emoticons is the cute penguin emoticon. Facebook emoticons generate a great deal of visual appeal than just words and can help better express any emotion, reaction and idea. Everyone would agree that the Facebook Penguin emoticon is cute and can be used in place of the actual word or just to express how something you perceive is cute or just use it for the fun of it. Facebook is still in the process of adding more emoticons, icons and other chat features that could optimize a fun chatting session.
To use the Facebook Penguin emoticon, just open the chat box and on the message space type in the following symbols

Penguin emoticon – <(“)

– the minus sign, an open parenthesis, a double quotation mark and a close parenthesis.

After keying in the combined symbols, don’t expect the penguin to appear right away on the message space. Hit the Enter key and once the message is sent, the combined symbols will automatically be processed and will appear as a cute little penguin emoticon on the general conversation area. From the symbols alone, you can already recognize it as a bird’s profile looking to the left. Facebook emoticons definitely bring something new to the chatting atmosphere that’s why Facebook is consistently developing new icons and ideas to improve chatting online.
The Facebook Penguin emoticon is a great addition to the list of cute and nice Facebook emoticons. They are a very easy to remember combination of symbols and are overall very amusing to use, even with or without actual message. The penguin emoticon is now added to the list of many emoticons to up the online chatting experience and is guaranteed to give good old fun.