Facebook Smile and Sad Emoticons

Most people know how to do the smiley or sad sideways face in their Facebook post. Occasionally, they may even use it! Well, simple symbols directly made from the keyboard have been around as long as computers themselves have been. Why not go the extra mile in expressing just how happy or sad you are? Why not get across your point all the more? Why not be really clever? Wish people a birthday greeting with a little extra oomph.

Facebook emoticons are a good way to this. You can start out with using the smiley face or the sad face emoticons. These are actually just the beginning! You can use them in Facebook chat with all your friends. You still type in the regular keyboard code as you would . . . but isn’t it nicer to see a big smiley face as opposed to a colon and the right-side parenthetical sign? I sure think so! It turns your typing into a small picture.

As I said, the sad face and the happy face are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more types of emoticons you can use, but these two faces will get you started. The happy face is indicated by the colon (eyes) and the right-side parenthetical sign (smile). The sad face is written with the colon (eyes) and the left-side parenthetical sign (sad mouth). Just type these in wherever you want the face to go within in your text and voila!

Facebook happy emoticon – πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :] =)

Facebook Sad Emoticon – πŸ™ πŸ™ :[ =(

Don’t feel like emoticons are limited by platform, either. You can use the emoticons whether you are on your computer (laptop or desktop), an older cell phone, or your SmartPhone (iPhone, Android, Palm, and Blackberry are just a few of the devices it works on). It all works the same, so emoticons are really easy to remember.