How to Retrive Facebook Chat History

For some people, especially teens, chat is everything. Many people prefer chat as their way of communicating with other people when they are online. This is the fastest and simplest way of talking with other people who are online. Facebook now offers chat feature in the site so people don’t have to use other site if they are already logged in on Facebook. There are also Facebook emoticons that can be used to make the chat creative in some ways.

But there are instances when you want to recall the topics that you have with your friends. One problem with Facebook chat, and even in some other chat sites, is that you cannot see the messages if they are offline. This problem is already solved by some computer geeks. Now, you can see your chat history even if your friend is offline.

You can retrive facebook chat history in two ways

1. Retrieve Facebook chat history using javascript code
2. Use Facebook Chat History Manager to save facebook chat history

Steps in retrieving the facebook chat history

First, you have to go to your friend’s profile and copy the profile ID. The profile ID can be seen by right clicking the “poke” in your friend’s profile and selecting “copy link location”. Paste it on a blank sheet and you will notice a set of numbers at the end of the link. This set of numbers is the profile ID that you need.

The next thing that you need to do is to deal with the Java script. The script for this is

javascript:Chat.openTab(profile ID):

Put the profile ID in the space provided and copy and paste the whole thing in your address bar. Click go or hit enter. The chat history will pop up on your screen if you are online on Facebook chat.

There will be instances when you will not be able to retrieve the chat history. This is because Facebook clears the history from time to time. Usually, chats from several days before will not be available. So if you want to retrieve the Facebook emoticons that your friend used in your chat, you can now retrieve the history and copy the emoticons

This Video shows how to recover facebook chat history even if your friend is offline

How to save Facebook Chat History with Firefox addon

With the facebook chat history manager, you can save all your facebook chat history and retrieve it whenever you want. This simple Firefox addon will make your life easier. However, you need to keep in mind that with this extension you can retrieve chat logs from the day you installed addon. You can’t recover messages prior to usage of this applications.

First you need to download Facebook Chat History Manager from Firefox addons or Google Chrome extension.

You will need to get your facebook ID and then to create account on facebook manager. Once you have followed all the steps necessary, you are ready to save you facebook chat history and will be able to get access to all your stored history.