Why Facebook Chat is Better than Other Chat Services

Facebook has risen to become unbelievably popular. More and more people have been creating Facebook accounts. Because of the Facebook mania today, if you don’t have a Facebook account, you are treated as an “out of the world” person. You are labeled an anti-social person and someone who is behind times.

To some people, Facebook has become an addiction and that statement is quite obvious. To some people, their days aren’t complete when they have not open their facebook account and checked their messages and notifications. They use Facebook as their way of checking up on their family and friends. They also get the latest news and share the latest gossip through Facebook. With Facebook, they can also play games, their status and of course, Facebook allows people to chat with their online friends. Chatting is probably the best feature that makes Facebook the most popular social networking site. So, why is Facebook chat better than other chat services in the Internet? There are a lot of things that you might have to consider.

Why Facebook chat is better than other chat services

The moment you login to your account, by default, you are seen as being online by your Facebook friends though you can change your status and go offline. Apart from that, Facebook will send you notifications that a certain friend from your friend’s list has attempted to chat with. Thus it is easy for you to know that there is an awaiting chat invitation for you. When you are ask why Facebook chat is better than other chat servies – it is because you can be rest assured that you are chatting with your friend – a long lost friend or a new friend. Of course, Facebook is a networking site where you are allowed to add many friends as you can but you, nevertheless may only want to add people that you know and with people you want to connect with.

What makes Facebook chat better is that you chat with real friends and contacts that you really know and not with some stranger, which will happen likely when you chat with other chat via other services online. So, a simple “hi” from a long lost friend could turn into “do you remember the old times” sessions. And before you know it, you have been chatting for many hours. And like any other chat service, you are allowed to chat with many people at a time.

Facebook is convenient. You don’t have to log in to other websites or software just so you can talk with your friends. With Facebook, you just login into your account and you are already online. Your friends can now chat and talk with you. The chat bar is always there so while you browse pictures after pictures, you can still chat with your friends.